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Are you thinking about signing up for DIRECTV service for your home? With DIRECTV as America's #1 satellite TV service, you can feel good about your choice if you order a DIRECTV package.

How many channels do you want? Which ones are you always watching? Pick out a package with your favorite channel lineup, add premium movie channels if you want, and order additional sports packages for the sports fan in your family. Build the entertainment experience you'll love with DIRECTV services, and make it even better with top satellite TV technology and equipment.

Call today to learn more about DIRECTV services, and to pick out your package. Check out some of the exciting features and options you'll be able to use when you choose DIRECTV service for home entertainment.

Ways to enjoy DIRECTV services and entertainment

Of course, you can watch DIRECTV service right on your TV. Flip through channels or jump directly to your favorite. Browse a 2-week guide to plan out your TV schedule for the next few days. Fortunately, with DIRECTV services, you can go beyond these basic television functions and do even more.

DIRECTV goes beyond the standard and crushes the competition. Check out some of the extraordinary ways you can enjoy TV when you make your DIRECTV sign up a reality today!

DIRECTV Everywhere

DIRECTV Everywhere gives you the ability to watch TV in more ways, even when you aren't at home. Forget being tied to your TV to watch shows and movies – with DIRECTV Everywhere, you'll have more freedom to watch what you want from anywhere.

Just connect your device to the Internet and tune in to shows, movies and more, right on your tablet, phone or computer. See if you can even watch programming from premium movie channels with your DIRECTV subscription!

How to use DIRECTV Everywhere:

  • Anytime and anywhere you're connected to the Internet, you can use DIRECTV Everywhere to watch select shows and movies!
  • On your computer or laptop, make sure you've installed the DIRECTV Player. You can do so using your DIRECTV online account. Browse titles online and select what you want to watch. Order and activate a movie by selecting it.
  • To watch shows or movies on your phone or tablet, make sure to download the DIRECTV app. Visit DIRECTV's website and log in to your online account. Select the movie or show you want to watch, then select Watch Now, then Activate Now to begin watching.

Remember that when you order a movie to watch online, you'll only have access to it for 48 hours – so don't wait around!

DIRECTV Tablet App

DIRECTV offers a TV app that'll make you love your tablet even more. Just download the free app for your iPad® or Kindle Fire and tap into a world of cool DIRECTV features!1

Without interrupting what you're watching on TV, you can check a full TV lineup right on your tablet. You can even find a show in the guide and tap it to change the channel, right from your tablet! If you're out and about, you can use the DIRECTV app on your tablet to schedule DVR recordings so you won't miss a thing. With some devices, you can even watch live TV on your tablet from anywhere in your home.

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1Browsing, recording and remote control functionality are available to DIRECTV residential customers in the U.S. only. Account registration on required to access application. Recording requires at a minimum a Wi-Fi, Edge or 3G network connection to run. In rare instances, scheduled recording(s) may not be recognized. Remote control requires a Wi-Fi connection to your home network and requires receiver connection to your home broadband Internet Network. Certain remote control functions require a standard DIRECTV remote. Remote Scheduling and Remote Control features available on select model DVRs only. iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Visit for details.

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